Branding Project

Sweetwater Innovative Solutions is a cleaning chemical supplier that specializes in improving cleaning processes across a wide variety of industries.  After realizing their passion and potential in the brewery market, they decided to focus the majority of their efforts on breweries and home brewers. SIS knew that their website, social media channels, and marketing strategy were no longer aligned with their goals.  Keller Creative Agency was given the opportunity to help SIS refocus their brand and marketing strategy to speak directly to the brewery audience.


We developed the SIS Brew sub-brand to allow for focused marketing efforts targeting the brewery audience. Rather than completely rebranding Sweetwater Innovative Solutions, we expanded upon their existing brand through the sub-brand structure. The benefit of a sub-brand, in this case, is that SIS was able to continue speaking to a variety of industries through their parent brand SIS, while also gaining the new and exciting avenue of SIS Brew to speak directly to the brewery audience.

Part of developing the SIS Brew sub brand was the creation of labels for their brewery line. The previous product labels used by SIS were generic and not competitively designed for Amazon and homebrew stores.  We felt by making the labels industry-focused, they could compete with other leading brewery cleaning brands.  Keller Creative Agency took inspiration from brewery designs and developed labels that would better relate to the brewers through eye-catching visuals and brewery-specific language.  


Keller Creative Agency enhanced the SIS Brew brand through the use of values-based marketing. We conducted a series of interviews with professional brewers and homebrewers, and developed a list of items that they care about the most.  From this list, we were able to further refine these items into specific and concise values for each audience.  Through the use of values-based marketing, we were able to help the SIS Brew better relate to their audiences and establish trust and loyalty through shared values.  

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We carefully crafted SIS Brew’s messaging around the homebrewer and professional brewer values, speaking directly to the things each audience cares about most.  We took this messaging and implemented it throughout the SIS Brew website and marketing materials.


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