So Much More

Digital Campaign

Bright Solutions is a cleaning chemical brand that was looking to promote its product, HP2O2. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, HP2O2 was one of the first cleaning chemicals to be EPA registered as being effective at fighting the virus in under a minute. Keller Creative Agency was tasked with building an advertising campaign that effectively communicates the benefits of this product while creating an emotional connection at the height of the 2020 re-openings.  


Keller Creative Agency developed a comprehensive campaign that addressed the overall product benefits of HP2O2, while simultaneously creating an emotional appeal by speaking to peoples’ passions and purpose. The campaign message was unified using the tagline “So Much More”.  Through the “So Much More” theme, we were able to showcase the role HP2O2 plays in allowing people to do get back to doing the things they love.


Our Plan

The So Much More campaign consisted of a comprehensive set of marketing materials, including social posts, website banners, sales sheets, a series of eblasts, and a refreshed website design. In order to better ensure this campaign had the best reach possible, we worked closely with Bright Solutions distributors across the country and equipped their sales staff with a convenient PowerPoint presentation that explained the campaign and included links to each marketing piece.


At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, emotions were running high. As a country, we were faced with many unknowns, and people were nervous about the safety implications of reopening. The So Much More campaign aimed to provide people with more than just a product, it aimed to provide hope. Through our campaign we were able to connect with people by highlighting their passions, whether it was teaching, cooking, or caring for patients. In an emotionally trying time, providing hope that there is a product to help people get back to their normal lives was key to a successful and impactful campaign.

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